Name: Niya
DOB: 04-29-84
Resides: Harlem, New York

I read the Twilight Saga a few months before the Twilight movie premiered. I saw the trailer while watching another movie and was like, “Hm, I wonder what that’s about?” and from there my obsession got ridiculous. Here are some facts about me, the site, and about my obsession:

01. I’ve been web-designing since 2001.

02. I always do my own layouts – I like to push myself and see what I can come up with every single time.

03. This is not a Taylor Lautner fansite.

04. I think Jacob should’ve gotten the girl, but that Bella is so annoying that I’d rather her stay with Edward since he’s the only one who has the patience to deal with her. I don’t want Jacob subjected to that kind of nonsense anyway.

05. I didn’t start to respect Bella until the 4th book. When she made the decision to trust Jacob with Renesmee, I knew then that she had become independent. I still couldn’t stand her though – too much history there.

06. My favorite books are Twilight and Breaking Dawn. I loved that Breaking Dawn had Jacob’s pov.

07. I loved Edward in the first book.

08. Sometimes I hate how they portray Jacob in the movies - the kitchen scene in New Moon when he answers the phone. He didn’t know that was Edward on the other line. The movies make him seem too spiteful. Bad Summit, BAD. And he’s not nearly as funny as in the books. Where’s the damn humor?!

09.  Overall, I think Taylor did a great job – nice body and all. I just wish he were a little taller.

Here are my thoughts on Edward:

I really liked Edward in the first book but really began to dislike him as the series progressed. I described him as emo-like which I still stand by. When I think about Edward, he is the “woe is me” type person. It is painfully obvious that Edward doesn’t find himself worthy which may be the reason I find him to be a little too calm at times or too understanding. I don’t remember Edward and Bella ever fighting/shouting with another. Even when Bella couldn’t let Jacob go – had to have him in her life even if it was selfish, even if it made Edward uncomfortable – he still never got angry. Who does that? Only someone who is insecure could ever share someone in the way Edward tried to share Bella with Jacob. It was disturbing! I mean, he offered to share Bella with Jacob (even offered to allow her to have Jacob’s “puppies”) if Jacob could talk her into having an abortion. I repeat: Who does that?!

I argued with my friend and I have to say she made a good point. Edward left [in New Moon] because he was trying to protect Bella, he was trying to give her a chance to experience life as a human. I get that. I do. But he should not have made that decision for her and he should not have left he way that he did. He should have at least been honest. Jacob is honest. Even if his words make the situation worse he still does it because to him, not saying them would be giving up. By saying them he will have no regrets. It may be selfish but Jacob is 16 and teenagers. Are. Selfish. They can only think of what they want, what they need. To them, if something doesn’t go their way it’s the end of the world. Jacob is allowed to make mistakes for the simple fact that he is a teenager, but we have to remember that he grows so much by the end of the series. So so much.

But I digress … If Edward really wanted to protect her, he shouldn’t have started the relationship in the first place. But he’s masochistic so why not date the human whose blood makes him want to eat her. That makes a lot of sense — that is sarcasm …. He wants to be with her, but he could hurt her because she’s human, but at the same time doesn’t want her to become a vampire. You can’t have both, Edward! My point – I think I have one – is that Edward is so worried about being careful, worried about protecting Bella from his vampirism, that he’s never able to relax and maybe that’s why I gravitated toward Jacob. I didn’t like the person Edward became when he was with Bella. He was annoying!

But this is not at all surprising since it’s in Bella’s point of view and she thinks he’s perfect. It would be interesting to see him in Midnight Sun and 7 years down the road when he can finally relax and be himself.