What Twilight Sequel/Spin-Off Would You Want?

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There are so many elements of Twilight that we all want to see expanded (more Jacob, ahem). MTV has commented about the false-rumors (and false hope!) – one being that Bree Tanner will get a movie of her own – and has pretty much (though I can think of way more stories that need to be told) summed up the major “wants” in the series. So, head on over to MTV and cast your vote.

Two big “Twilight Saga”-related rumors came out over the weekend, and we’re sorry to say that only one of them could potentially be true. No, Robert Pattinson’s rep told MTV News, he will not be guest starring on an episode of “Entourage” (only in our wildest dreams, huh?), but there does seem to be some chance that a “Bree Tanner” spin-off film could be hitting theaters after both parts of “Breaking Dawn” come out. Sadly, the speculation is that it won’t be starring Jodelle Ferland.
Whether or not Bree gets her own story depends on the success and reception of “Breaking Dawn” (though “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” is a much more traditional vampire story than the final installments of “Twilight”). Summit could instead choose to take this opportunity to make spin-offs of characters whose stories haven’t been told, or maybe even just stop after “Breaking Dawn.” Cast your vote after the jump to share which “Twilight Saga” spin-off you most want to see hit theaters.
1. Which ‘Twilight Saga’ spin-off should get a movie adaptation?
2. “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.” Bree deserves to have her story told!
3. “Midnight Sun.” Even if it’s just as encouragement for Stephenie Meyer to finish the book.
4. Renesmee and Jacob. We want to see them have a romance in a non-creepy way.
5. Carlisle Cullen. His early days as a vampire could easily have their own film trilogy.
6. The Volturi. Even after the events of “Breaking Dawn,” there’s probably more drama to tell.
7. No more! “The Twilight Saga” films should end with “Breaking Dawn: Part 2.”


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