Taylor Lautner #9 on Sexy Beast List

Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black was listed on TV Guide’s Sexy Beast list as number 9.

Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black, and in the second film ‘New Moon’ Taylor Lautner not only changed his appearance for the role, but created a whole sensation that drove young girls into a frenzy and dividing Twilight fans into taking sides: Team Edward and Team Jacob.

The character ‘Jacob Black’ was created by Stephenie Meyer for the series and Taylor Lautner was almost cut from the second movie due to the vast differences in physical appearance his character was to undergo. In the first movie ‘Twilight,’ Jacob Black was seen as a long haired, Native America from the Quileute tribe. In New Moon, Jacob’s character undergoes a ‘werewolf awakening’ which includes ripped muscles and a haircut.

Favorite quotes from the video – Like seriously, LMAO:

  1. “When any werewolf changes into wolf-form in Twilight, the thing that I think you’ll notice is that their clothes explode off of them, which is sexy because the clothes are flying.”
  2. “And then I saw a poster of Taylor with no shirt on and I was like, there is a god.”

In other words, Team Edward, you got something to worry about. Okay! snap snap.

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