New Layout and Changes

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So, here is the new layout! It needed a change obviously, but the new look is helping me while I transform the site from being a fansite to being a character shrine. With the series coming to a close and my interest waning, I’ve made some decisions about how the site will be maintained.

The site is not complete and it’s too soon to close it so a character shrine makes sense. A place for other Jacob lovers (and there will be more) to come and learn more about him. What this means is that I will be removing some things from the site, updating less (the news will eventually die out), and concentrate on completing all the informational pages.

Basically, I’m not closing it. I’m actually not sure if I will ever close it. I love Jacob too too much and I’m not ready to let him go. Sad? Maybe but it’s all I got right now so don’t judge me.

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