The Cast: the Wolf Pack

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The Quileutes had their superstitions about the “cold ones,” the blood-drinkers that were enemies to their tribe, just like they had their legends of the great flood and wolf-men ancestors. Just stories, folklore, to most of them. Then there were the few that believed.

New Moon, page 81, Bella’s description of the Quileute tribe

SamChaske Actor: Chaske Spencer
Role:Sam Uley

The leader of the wolf pack, Sam when phased is pure black and the largest wolf. He was abandoned by his father at a young age and was forced to assume responsibility. Sam was dating Leah when he imprinted on her cousin, Emily, a fact that is always hanging in the background.

Alex PaulActor: Alex Meraz
Role: Paul

One of the first to join the pack, Paul is the most volatile as he is prone to having angry outbursts that usually lead him to phase into wolf form. In Breaking Dawn, he imprints of Jacob’s sister, Rachel, and spends most of his time lounging at the Blacks’ house, eating their food.

Jared BronsonActor: Bronson Pelletier
Role: Jared

One of the first to join the pack, Jared is described by Jacob has having eyes like binoculars which means that he can see for miles. Jared imprinted on Kim, a girl who sat next to him in class, but never paid attention to until after his transformation. His fur is thick and brown.

Tyson QuilActor: Tyson Houseman
Role: Quil Ateara

A member of the pack after Jacob, Quil is one of Jacob’s best friends and second cousin. His fur is chocolate brown. He imprints on Emily’s two yr old niece. Though improper, the relationship is not romantic as Quil is only what she needs. He joins Jacob’s pack toward the end of Breaking Dawn.

Embry KiowaActor: Kiowa Gordon
Role: Embry Call

A member of the pack before Jacob, Embry’s fur is gray with dark spots on his back. One of Jacob’s best friends, he may also be his half brother, Sam’s or Quil’s. His mother was not from their tribe and the wolf trait is passed from father to son. He joins Jacob’s pack at the end of Breaking Dawn.

Julia LeahActress: Julia Jones
Role: Leah Clearwater

The only female wolf in Quileute history, Leah, still in love with Sam, is known to be cynical and bitter as Sam imprinted on her cousin Emily and uses it to antagonize the pack. She joins Jacob’s pack in Breaking Dawn which she views as true freedom from Sam and their past. She is Seth’s older sister.

Boo Boo SethActor: Boo Boo Stewart
Role: Seth Clearwater

The younger brother of Leah, Seth is known to idolize Jacob and is the only member of the pack to like the Cullens. He has very honest and pure thoughts and is the first to join Jacob’s pack in Breaking Dawn as he opposes Sam’s plan to attack the Cullens. He reminds Bella of a younger Jacob.