The Cast: the Newborns

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“They are all very new – only months old to this life. Children, in a way. They will have no skill or strategy, only brute strength. Tonight their numbers stand at twenty. Ten for us, ten for you – it shouldn’t be difficult. The numbers may go down. The new ones fight amongst themselves.”

Eclipse, page 393, Carlisle’s description of the newborn army

riley xavierActor: Xavier Samuel
Role: Riley Biers

The first vampire created by Victoria, he was the leader of the newborn army created to attack Bella and the Cullens. As Victoria’s perceived mate, Riley is told lies to get his full loyalty and is in charge of choosing the humans to be turned. Riley is killed in Eclipse by Seth Clearwater.

jodelle breeActress: Jodelle Ferland
Role: Bree Tanner

A newborn vampire created by Victoria in Eclipse to attack Bella and the Cullens, Bree is the last of the newborn army to be killed. Though she surrenders, the Volturi is unwilling to offer her a second chance. After being tortured and questioned by Jane, she is destroyed by Felix.