Movies: Jacob Quotes

Twilight | New Moon | Eclipse | Breaking Dawn

We used to make mud pies when we were little. — Twilight Movie

It’s getting worse with old age — Twilight Movie

You’re on my res, remember? — Twilight Movie

Well they’re supposedly descended from this like enemy clan. My great grandfather, the chief, found them hunting on our land but they claimed to be something different so we made a treaty with them. If they promise to stay off Quileute lands then we wouldn’t expose what they really were to the pale faces. — Twilight Movie

Bella: I thought they just moved here?
Jacob: Or just moved back
— Twilight Movie

It’s just a story, Bella. — Twilight Movie

Did you know that Quileutes are supposedly descended from wolves? — Twilight Movie

(Embarrassed) Great, Dad. Thanks. — Twilight Movie

Jacob: My Dad paid me to come talk to you. $20 bucks.
Bella: Well lets hear it
Jacob: Just don’t get mad, kay? He wants you to break up with your boyfriend. Just he said, quote “we’ll be watching you”.
— Twilight Movie

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