Timeline – The Progression

Twilight | New Moon | Eclipse | Breaking Dawn

01. Jacob is refusing all of Bella’s phone calls

02. Jacob writes an angry/hurt scribbled letter to Bella

03. Jacob calls Bella on the phone and demands why she didn’t call him

04. Jacob stops at Bella’s school to deliver a warning to Edward

05. Jacob wonders why Edward hasn’t told Bella that Victoria is still looking for her

06. Jacob is happy when Bella “sneaks out” to see him

“Bella!” he yelled back, and the smile I’d been waiting for stretched across his face like the sun breaking free of the clouds. His teeth gleamed bright against his russet skin. “I can’t believe it!”

07. Jacob listens as Bella tells him what happened when she went to Italy

08. Jacob tells Bella what happened in Forks while she was visiting her mom


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