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Dude is weird — Mike Newton, New Moon Movie

The character of Jacob, a Quileute teen, has drawn worldwide attention to the LaPush-based tribe’s history and traditions like never before — although there are no werewolves in tribal customs. — Paige Dickerson, Peninsula Daily News

Totally shredded . . . Billy said this was the last pair he could afford—guess Jacob’s going barefoot now. — Jared, New Moon: Chapter 14

Did you see Jake? Even Sam couldn’t have phased on the fly like that. He saw Paul losing it, and it took him, what, half a second to attack? The boy’s got a gift. — Embry Call, New Moon: Chapter 14

Jared: Paul’s been fighting longer. I’ll bet you ten bucks he leaves a mark.
Embry: You’re on. Jake’s a natural. Paul doesn’t have a prayer.
— New Moon: Chapter 14

Don’t kid yourself, Bella. The guy’s head over heels for you. — Mike Newton, New Moon: Chapter 15

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