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Jacob’s love for Bella is really intense. He will always be there for Bella, no matter what. Even if she’s with another guy… or a vampire! — Taylor Lautner, Metro News

I felt bad for Jacob just reading the books, but now that I’m actually living this character, I feel so bad for the guy! It’s really sad. — Taylor Lautner, Metro News

Jacob is a really interesting character because he definitely feels like an outsider because he doesn’t go to the same school as everybody else, he’s on the reservation. But Bella brings him out of that. Also, Jacob brings Bella out of this huge depression she’s in. She wants to kill herself, she’s so sad. Jacob is her sun. He brings her alive, out of this deep hole. — Taylor Lautner, Metro News

One of the biggest things I admire about Jacob is his persistence. He keeps going and fights for what he believes in. You’ve got to love a girl quite a bit to fight that much for her. — Taylor Lautner,

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