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Goodbye, Jacob, my brother . . . my son. — Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn: Book 3

I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed with Jacob right now — Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn: Book 3

Edward: Not once today did he think about the fact that, according to Nahuel, Nessie will be fully matured in just six and a half years
Bella: He doesn’t see her that way. He’s not in a hurry for her to grow up. He just wants her to be happy
Edward: I know. Like I said, impressive. It goes against the grain to say so, but she could do worse.
— Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn: Book 3

I have to admit, it’s a relief having you close by — in spite of the wet-dog smell. Everything goes away. Like having my eyes closed. It numbs the headache. — Alice Cullen, Breaking Dawn: Book 2

Bella, what is that god-awful wet dog smell? — Alice Cullen, New Moon Movie

Bella, werewolves are not good company to keep! — Alice Cullen, New Moon Movie

I didn’t see her. I didn’t see you get pulled out of the water either. I can’t see past you and your pack of muts. — Alice Cullen, New Moon Movie

I’m not mad at Billy . . . But his son is irritating me — Edward Cullen, Twilight: Epilogue

You smell awful . . . A werewolf? Are you sure about that? — Alice Cullen, New Moon: Chapter 17

Leave it to you, Bella. Anyone else would be better off when the vampires left town. But you have to start hanging out with the first monsters you can find. — Alice Cullen, New Moon: Chapter 17

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