The Facts


Birthday: January 14, 1990
Age: 15 (Twilight), 16 (New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn), physical age is 25
Race: Native American
Height: 6’2″ (Twilight), 6’7″ (New Moon and on)
Nickname: Jake
Appearance: Russet skin and dark eyes. Lanky stature and muscular
Hair: Mostly long through out the series, but is at times cut short. Black and shiny.
Personality: A joker, always smiling, passsionate, but hot-headed
Species: Werewolf (Shapeshifter – book 4)
Parents: Billy Black and Sarah Black (deceased)
Siblings: Rachel and Rebecca (older twin sisters)
Hometown: La Push, Washington
Soulmate: Renesmee Cullen
Friends: Quil and Embry
Hobbies: Repairs cars and motorcycles. He drives a 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit
Other: After New Moon his body temperature is around 108 to 109 °F which allows him to withstand cold weather. Physically stronger and faster than any ordinary human. He has 24 chromosome pairs. He is pretty good at contolling his thoughts around Edward (p. 632 Breaking Dawn)

Jacob’s Wolf

wolfjake3 wolfjake1 wolfjake2

Appearance: Fur is a reddish brown color
Skills: Can phase faster than his other pack mates. Heals quickly. Can speak telepathically with his pack mates when in wolf-form.
Wolf Pack: Sam, Quil, Seth, Leah, Paul, Jared, Collin, Brady, Embry and several unknown (Beta), Seth, Leah, Quil & Embry (Alpha)
Other: Is immortal as long as he continues to phase regularly into a wolf. Alice Cullen is unable to see the wolves in her visions