Jacob Black Communities

Here are the communities I know are floating around. Some of which I frequent regularly, but if you find that a link isn’t listed here and you know it exist, send it my way.  Please keep in mind that this page is only for communities, not fansites.


Betting on Black (Livejournal)

Team Jacob Black (Livejournal)

Jacob Black Fan Club (Fanpop)

Jacob Black Fan Club (Deviantart)

Jacob Black (Myspace)

Jacob Wolfe (Twitter – RPG)


The Quileute Boys (Livejournal)

The Wolves of Twilight (Livejournal)

The Black Pack (Livejournal)

Jacob~N~Pack (Ning)

The Quileute Tribe (Fanpop)

Relationship (Het)

Sort of Beautiful (Jacob and Bella – Livejournal)

Blackwater (Jacob and Leah – Livejournal)

Jacob & Nessie (Jacob and Renesmee – Livejournal)

Relationship (Slash)

There’s a Thin Line Between Love and Hate (Jacob and Edward – Livejournal)

Paul & Jacob = Imprinted (Jacob and Paul – Livejournal)

Strange Love Much? (Jacob and Jasper – Livejournal)