First Impressions

Now I’m sure this is a really popular question. When did you become a Jacob lover? You can talk as much as you want because this is your time. Besides, we’re all curious and want to compare with one another and see if we all had similar experiences. So, tell me — what are your favorite Jacob-scenes from the saga?

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  1. sarabrakti says:

    I first fell for Jacob, when I had read the books. My favorite scene is from Eclipse, where Jacob is warming Bella in the tent, where Edward is sitting beside them and feeling bad because he can’t keep Bella warm when she’s freezing – and that’s also a scene I’m looking very forward to in the movie :)

  2. Laura says:

    I can’t really tell the precise moment when I fell for Jacob. It must have been when I saw him in Twilight, telling Bella about Edward being a vampire or at the prom, talking to Bella.
    I first saw the movies, and then I read the books. I did the same for Lord of the Rings too, so, nothing new here. I actually like all Jacob-scenes in the saga, but my favorites were the Jacob prom scene from Twilight, the truck scene and the following scenes with Alice, the almost-kiss up until Bella leaves with Alice to the Volturi from New Moon and the scene where Bella leaves with Jacob to visit the wolf pack and the tent scene from Eclipse. I also liked the bedroom scene and the scene where Bella goes to Jacob and finds him asleep and meets the wolf pack for the first time in New Moon.

  3. Niya says:

    It was probably at the prom scene in Twilight. After he leaves I just remember hoping to see him again. It wasn’t “love” at that moment but it was definitely curiosity. Lets just say that I was very happy to see him pop up again during New Moon.

  4. Alexis says:

    My fave Jacob scenes are in almost every one of them..especially the one when he gets in the tent and Edward gets mad because he thinks he could warm her up..and he says “Let’s face it, i am hotter than you .” and the whole book/movie of new moon…
    but i think i first fell in love with him when he started hanging out with Bella..and made her feel “complete” ..because to me that’s a true sweet heart .and that is some one who will be there for you no matter what..through thick or thin..i mean look at it this way..even though he said he wouldn’t be there when she became one of them he still was even when Sam and the pack wanted to kill her..who was there to protect and save her ? Jacob.
    he was also there after she became a vampire ..(befor he imprinted..)

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