Are You Team Jacob?

This is where we, the fans, get to express the love that we feel for the character, Jacob Black. So go ahead and explain your reasoning as I’m sure it will not be the first time. Only this time around say it louder! So, go ahead and tell me why you love Jacob so much.

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  1. We all know this is just a story and for a long time, since I’m almost 21, I’ve grown out of my “obsessions” up until I started reading the Twilight saga and started reading about Jacob Black. Usually books are just books and movies are just movies but Jacob Black really struck me hard and no better actor than Taylor Lautner could play Jacob Black. Jacob is what I think every woman REALLY wants. We all want someone who looks at Bella the way Jake does and tells her just how much she means to him with smooth, gentle words and big hugs that make you feel completely safe. Edward never really did that for me. Sure, he loves Bella, but Jacob loves Bella more. Bella doesn’t deserve him though.

  2. Kayleen says:

    Im a 13 year old girl who is taylor lautners bigest fan i will be so happy to meat him but it will probably never happen because my family is very poor thats y i have to go on the computer at school we have no computer at my house it really sucks !!!!I would give every thing i own which is very little to see taylor lautner so if any body reads this i am taylor lautners biggest fan and i will do any thing to meet him
    By kayleen

  3. Ségolène says:

    I’m not this kind of girl who fell in love with Jacob when Taylor Lautner took off his shirt in New Moon, even if I do think Taylor did an amazing job and gave us the Jacob as we wanted it. (I also admire this actor for his work out of twilight. He’s really gifted.) I was already known, three years ago, as a “team Jacob girl” in my little group of friends. I’m French, and here, the books didn’t have any celebrity before the movies. But I had read them , with my friends, in february 2007. They all were for Edward, I was the only one to admire Jacob for his personality. He is the hope, the love, the life and the youth personified. I love the way he marks other’s life, his infectious joy and smile. And I also love the relation he has with Bella. This free friendship, this strong confidence and complicity. I think it is also awesome on screen. The color and landscape change in the presence of Jake. From the blue movie of Twilight, we go to the warm New Moon. It was the idea I had reading the book. But Bella couldn’t chose him. I mean, she’s made for Edward, even though their relationship is insane, they’re made for each other. It really moved me. I think I had a crush on him for his sincerity, his simplicity. As he said in Eclipse (movie), to be with him is « as easy as breathing ».

    By the way, I’m a 17-years-old-French-girl, sorry for the mistakes I could make. I just want to add : THANK YOU for this wonderful website. I’m coming like everyday :)

  4. Laura says:

    I love Jacob very much because he’s a loving, warm guy who would do anything for the one he loves, and also because he lets the girl make her own choices, unlike Edward, who’s very controlling. I also love his impulsiveness, his devotion for Bella, his sense of humor, his car skills, etc. Some people say Taylor Lautner was not a good choice for Jacob, but I completely disagree, he’s perfect for the part and he does a wonderful job in playing the character! So, congratulations, Mr Lautner!

  5. Laura says:

    I agree with “Jacob_and_Bella”. Bella doesn’t deserve Jacob.

  6. kendra couch says:

    i am totally team jacob howllllllllllllllllllll!

  7. omg i am a big fan. not like the fan i would cry over taylor lautner but yeah i am a fan. taylor lautner is a great actor even in shark boy and lava girl. he is so cute. i am 16 and he is 19 so yeah big difference. IF i had a wish my wish would be is to meet taylor lautner.

  8. Alexis says:

    I’m a 14 year old girl almost 15.. and the reason i love Jacob Black-Taylor Lautner- is because of the way he treated Bella and helped her when she was in need,after Edward left..i mean c’mon who leaves their true love IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST ?! thats just wrong ! but as usual Jacob<3 was there to save her.. and i def think she doesn't deserve him..
    My personal opinion is that Bella is just to stupid to see that her so called "true love" Edward is very selfish to think that leaving her would save her life.News flash ! girls want guys who DON'T leave their sides ! someone who will be there for them at the worst times some one who has the WHOLE package + more ;) Jacob<3 …
    ..another thing i've been wanting to say was that i thought it was very stupid for Bella to punch Jacob after he kissed her..i mean any girl would honored to be so much as even get touched by a guy (no a man ) like him..
    Anyone agree ?

  9. bella says:

    just for the record this is for Kayleen im the biggest taylor lautner if you think you can stick to the words you type i will make you eat them!!!!!!!! TRY ME!!!!!!! I DARE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Taylor Lautner’s BIGGEST FAN (notice the Cap locks)

  10. beth says:

    well where do i start?
    i’m only 13 but when i started to read the twilight saga books i fell in love with Jacobs personality.
    after this happened i thought all guys were like it but i found out they weren’t, after it hit big screen i feel in love with jacob’s (taylor’s) body.
    now i just sit and wait for my very own jacob black to inprint on me, i am officially Taylor Lautners biggest fan and with out twilight i’d be lost.
    :from beth taylors biggest fan forever!!!!!-love you taylor xxxxxxx

  11. Aaron says:

    For starter, id like to let everybody know i am 21 years old and i am male. I like jacob because of his personality. We actually arent much different in the aspect of how we treat our woman and car skills. Were both tan and have a nice build so out of compatibility i feel very comfortable being team edward.

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