Fanfic Recommendation – Underneath

For those of you who really enjoy reading slash, you’ll probably fall in love with this fic. I’ve always been extremely wearing about reading Edward/Jacob fics, not because I couldn’t see them together, but because the stories that I had read made me wince. Like bad. They were never kept in character, Jacob wasn’t funny and Edward was . . . well, not himself. I can proudly say that my search is over and I’m going to pimp the hell out of this fic. So, if you enjoy Edward/Jacob slash please read it. It’s currently a WIP, but is updated frequently and will probably make you cry. . .


Author: [info]newssodark
Pairing: Edward/Jacob (some Edward/Bella but that won’t last long)
Rating: R; eventual NC17
Disclaimer: The Twilight universe and characters belong to Stephanie Meyer, who I am in no way affiliated with. I own nothing but the plot of this fic, and make no money from it.
Warnings: some gore; angst; character death (though not Edward, Jacob, Bella, or any of the Cullens/Hales)
Summary: Jacob and Edward don’t get along, but when something terrible happens to Jacob, a common enemy may bring them closer together than they’ve ever dreamed…whether they want it or not.

Read it at Twilight Slash

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