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He was a tribal elder, like my father. You see, the cold ones are the natural enemies of the wolf — well, not the wolf, really, but the wolves that turn into men, like our ancestors. You would call them werewolves. — Twilight: Chapter 6

So you see, the cold ones are traditionally our enemies. But the pack that came to our territory during my great-grandfather’s time was different. They didn’t hunt the way others of their kind did — they weren’t supposed to be dangerous to the tribe. So my great-grandfather made a truce with them. If they would promise to stay off our lands, we wouldn’t expose them to the pale-faces. — Twilight: Chapter 6

There’s always a risk for humans to be around the cold ones, even if they’re civilized like this clan was. You never know then they might get too hungry to resist. — Twilight: Chapter 6

They claimed that they didn’t hunt humans. They supposedly were somehow able to prey on animals instead. — Twilight: Chapter 6

Bella: So how does it fit in with the Cullens? Are they like the cold ones your great-grandfather met?
Jacob: No . . . They are the same ones.
— Twilight: Chapter 6

There are more of them now, a new female and a newmale, but the rest are the same. In my great-grandfather’s time they already knew of the leader, Carlisle. He’d been here and gone before your people had even arrived. — Twilight: Chapter 6

Bella: And what are they? What are the cold ones?
Bella: Blood drinkers. Your people call them vampires.
— Twilight: Chapter 6

So do you think we’re a bunch of superstitious natives or what? — Twilight: Chapter 6

We get permits early on the rez — Twilight: Chapter 12

Guess that explains it, then. I wondered why my dad was acting so strange. — Twilight: Chapter 12

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