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Billy says you look strange, all critical, and that same crazy rage washes through you. This time, you can’t stop it. You feel it spinning out of control, an anger so strong it makes your whole body shake. Part of you knows your reaction is stupid, but most of you is possessed by the fury. Everything is hot, like the room is on fire. You can feel heat inside your bones. — Being Jacob Black

The shaking gets worse and you feel your body breaking apart. You are terrified. It only takes a second, but it’s the longest second of your life. You feel yourself exploding, and you think you are dying. — Being Jacob Black

You’re in a new shape that you don’t understand. Your head is hitting the ceiling, and you’re looking down at Billy from some great height. The shaking has stopped, but the anger is still there. Everything is still hot and red. You try to shout at Billy, to make him explain, but it comes out in this hideous yowling. — Being Jacob Black

Your lips are pulled back over your teeth and you can hear growling and you want to shake Billy and demand to know what he did to you. You reach out toward him, and this huge, clawed paw moves instead of your hand. You look down at yourself, and a terrified yelp comes through your teeth. — Being Jacob Black

Bella walks away from her school friends, seeming totally interested in everything you say. You are immediately infatuated, but you know that she’s out of your league. She’s a junior, you’re a freshman – dream on. Still, you think about her a lot. Maybe someday, you tell yourself. — Being Jacob Black

One day, the daughter of your dad’s best friend shows up. She’s really pretty in that girl-next-door kind of way, but, more than that, you’re just instantly on the same page with her. Kindred spirits. — Being Jacob Black

So you see Bella with a guy in a great car (the car is the first thing you notice. It’s had tons of work done – nothing stock. You’re impressed). You’re secure enough in your masculinity to admit that the guy is really good looking. Perceptive as you are, you can the see the sparks between them. You sigh – still, you always knew she would get snapped up quick. But high school relationships blow over, so you shrug it off. — Being Jacob Black

You get home, and your dad is freaking out. He’s calling all his superstitious cronies. You can tell (eavesdropping from your room) that they’re telling him it’s not his business. You agree, but Bill doesn’t ask your opinion. Your dad thinks this guy is literally some kind of monster – it’s so embarrassing. — Being Jacob Black

You see Bella with her boyfriend again. Obviously he’s her boyfriend – he kisses her neck before she comes inside. Billy almost has a stroke. Oh right – vampires. Geez, the old man is going to humiliate you both. — Being Jacob Black

Life goes on. You get a few crushes on girls at school, but they blow over quickly. You still think about Bella a lot. You wish you could just hang out with her, but your dad is being an idiot about the Cullen thing. He won’t let you go up to visit. Like you’re going to get hurt or something. You roll your eyes at him a lot. — Being Jacob Black

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