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Why didn’t you call me? — Eclipse: Chapter 2

Sorry . . . I don’t have any leeches on my speed dial. — Eclipse: Chapter 2

Better frightened than lied to — Eclipse: Chapter 2

She’s tougher than you think . . . And she’s been through worse. — Eclipse: Chapter 2

A little trouble makes life fun. Let me guess, you’re not allowed to have fun, are you? — Eclipse: Chapter 2

I think I might have been wrong before, you know, about not being able to be friends. Maybe we could manage it, on my side of the line. Come see me. — Eclipse: Chapter 2

I know. Doesn’t matter, right? I guess I’ll survive or something. Who needs friends? — Eclipse: Chapter 2

I miss you every day, Bella. It’s not the same without you — Eclipse: Chapter 2

I wish Sam had taken a picture when he found you that night last September. It would be exhibit A. — Eclipse: Chapter 2

I don’t mind long stories. Is there any action? — Eclipse: Chapter 2

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